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Food Info

Who we are

How the Dino's do it

Pizzasaurus was created in order to honor and celebrate vegan food. In order to re-create certain flavours, nuts, soy, pea and gluten-based products are commonly used in our kitchen.

Although we have strict practices and guidelines in place, cross-contamination with trace amounts of any of these items is possible.

We've tried to list all the relevant information to try assist with as much allergy and food information as possible.

If there is any information not listed, feel free to contact us to confirm any dietary questions you may have.



All our pizzas are available with dairy or vegan cheese at the same price.  All pizzas are woodfired to perfection.


Our ravioli pasta is made fresh in store to order.  The filled ravioli is filled with vegan bolognaise which may contain gluten.  Ravioli pasta dough contains gluten and is completely vegan.

Light Meals

All light meals are available as vegan or vegetarian.  Gluten-free bread can be added at an additional cost.

Fresh Drinks

Drinks are made with the listed ingredients and do not contain any preservatives, additives or sugar.  Ice is available on request.


Ice cream is dairy or coconut-milk based.  Strawberry and Blueberry based topping syrup sauces made in store.


Milkshakes are made from dairy milk as a standard and can be changed to Oat Milk or your choice of milk alternatives


All our pies are all 100% vegan and are made in-house daily with vegan pastry. containing gluten.

The sauce in pies may contain gluten and the meat and cheese alternatives may contain nuts.


Coffees are available with dairy milk or your choice of alternatives of oat milk, soya milk, almond milk

Gluten-Free / Gluten-Friendly

Our gluten-free pizza bases are made from coconut flour.  Gluten-free items are cooked in the same oven as other Food items and may come into contact with flour or nut-based products.

Certain of the meat-alternative products contain gluten, please speak to your server if you are are concerned about this.

Gluten-free bread can be requested for sandwiches and light meals.

Kitchen Information

Our kitchen is 100% meatless but contains dairy products for those who wish to order them.  We do not use eggs in any products or meals.

Frozen Foods

Some of our products are available frozen to be cooked at home.  Please enquire about which products are available.


All packaging is biodegradable and safe for the environment as far as possible. 

This includes boxes, packaging, cutlery and straws, which are all bio-degradable.

Vegan alternatives

Mozzarella Cheese – Oil based but may contain nuts.  

Feta Cheese – Cashew based.  Made fresh in store.   Gluten free.

Shicken – Pea protein based.  Gluten Free

Sauxage – Pea and Soya based.  May contain gluten.

Shteak – Pea and Soya based.  May contain gluten.

Vacon – Soya based.  May contain gluten.


Allergy Information

Nuts : Many of the products we use contains nuts and therefore, even though strict guidelines are in place, cross-contamination is possible.

Gluten : Many of the products we use contain gluten and therefore, even though precautions are taken, cross-contamination is always possible.

Soya : Meat-alternatives may contain soya.

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